Hazel Wolpert

Bridge after two days

We got a great start having a good win against Poland.We had a good 1st day. Our second day we ran into a few bumps in the road. Actually we have been on the unlucky side of the slams. When we need a finesse to work it doesn’t .On the other hand we had opponents find their 4 /3 fits twice at the 6 level in the only contracts that make.

Day 3 was by far our toughest day.After beating The Netherlands in our 1st match we were on a high only to be brought down to earth by being killed by Italy and China.

Today Day 4, we had a  win against Monaco which was good and we went on to win nicely against New Zealand.However we lost to Indonesia in our last match.

Having three days left we are going to have to bare down and play well .We certainly have our work cut out for us .We play USA 2 in our 1st match tomorrow,India in our 2nd match and we finish off with Egypt.

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ZoranSeptember 20th, 2013 at 4:39 pm

Go Canada! Good luck tomorrow!

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